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by Tamara J. Arthaud, Ph.D. &
Kerri Duncan, Ed.S.

© 2008


The Autistic Disorder Evaluation Scale (ADES) contributes to early identification and service delivery for students with Autistic Disorder, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association (2000). It has home and school versions to document school and residential behavior observation of Autistic Disorder characteristics. It is useful for identification and progress-monitoring from ages 3 through 18 years of age. Subscales, based on the definition, include Reciprocal Social Interaction & Play, Reciprocal Communication, Restricted Range of Interest & Repetitive Behavior, Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Olfactory & Gustatory, Kinesthetic, and Fear, Anxiety, & Nervousness.

The Autistic Disorder Evaluation Scale was developed based on the characteristics typically associated with Autistic Disorder as described by the medical profession and observed by educators, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The Home Version provides doctors, therapists, and educators documentation and frequency of the characteristics observed in the home setting. The School Version allows educators to document observations of the child in the school environment. Combining both versions provides a broader assessment of the child’s social, emotional, academic, and communication strengths and weaknesses across different environments. Both scales contribute valuable information to the identification process of children and youth with Autistic Disorder. The following functions are served by the instrument:
  • measurement of behavior by primary observers in the school or residential environment

  • comparison of an individual student to a national standard for screening purposes

  • identification of the child’s characteristics of Autistic Disorder as defined by the American Psychiatric Association

  • pinpointing areas of need for behavioral intervention/improvement

  • identification of goals, objectives, and interventions for the student’s IEP, and program implementation with the use of the companion intervention manual, Autistic Disorder Intervention Manual.
Characteristics and Components of the ADES
  • The ADES was developed based on the American Psychiatric Association’s definition of Autistic Disorder.

  • The ADES School Version was standardized on a total of 3,413 students including identified students.

  • The standardization population included students from 27 states and represented all geographic regions of the United States.

  • Factor analysis confirmed the nine ADES subscales.

  • The ADES provides separate norms for male and female students 3 through 18 years of age.

  • The School Version can be completed in approximately 15 minutes and includes 126 items easily observed and documented by educational personnel.

  • The Home Version can be completed by a parent or guardian in approximately 15 minutes and includes 126 items representing behaviors exhibited in and around the home environment.

  • The Autistic Disorder Intervention Manual (544 pages, © 2008) includes IEP goals, objectives, and interventions for all 126 items on the School Version of the scale.

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